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Have you ever wondered what REALLY happens to your resume when you send it off to a company?

You may think that it goes directly to the employer you want to work for but it usually doesn’t. It goes to a company, agency, or outsourced recruiter.  The recruiter has the power to dump your resume in the garbage or give you an interview.  They can shortlist you with praise, meet you, and get you in front of the hiring manager or dump you into a corporate slush pile.  They are the gatekeeper, and their job is to surf through the multitude of applicants to find the few they will contact.

Because they don’t know you yet they have ONLY ONE WAY to evaluate you, only one way to decide if you get the interview or the boot:


Recruiters come in all shapes and sizes; some are managers, some are junior generalists, some recruit part time in a human resources department, and others recruit full time independently.  They all have their little quirks and personal opinions about resumes, which can make it all seem so arbitrary and luck-driven. When you talk to one alone it seems as though they evaluate resumes by feel, by their gut.  But when you talk to a LOT of recruiters you begin to realize that there are patterns in their opinion.  In fact, if you speak with enough of them and ask enough questions you begin to find that there are unsaid RULES that they all silently follow to choose which resumes will get the interview.

And many of them are NOT the rules found in the largely outdated information on resumes on the market today.

Recruiters are frustrated by the poor quality of the average resume. In fact, only 5% of resumes submitted to top companies are considered excellent. People just don’t seem to get it!  The challenge is that while great recruiters know exactly what they want to see and how they want to see it, it’s not their job to help you fix your resume! 

So you’re left with generic online templates, cut-rate ‘certified resume preparers’, and blind luck to have success with your resume. Most resume books come from either resume professionals with no recruitment experience or from one person who worked long term at one company.

No more.

I have spent months interviewing recruiters from Fortune and Maclean’s magazines ‘Top 100 Companies to Work For’ in the US and Canada to find out what THEY look for in a great resume. I also went to the recruitment agencies to receive feedback from professionals with background in over 20 top agencies. I have personally evaluated tens of thousands of resumes as a recruiter.

In short, I KNOW what top companies want to see in your resume.  I asked them.

How would you like to have the wisdom of over 50 recruiters with more than 600 years of recruiting experience in top companies from virtually every industry helping you build your resume?

How would you like to have recruiters who personally review over 761,000 resumes a year for top employers on your shoulder, guiding you as you create the resume that will put you in the top 5% in your industry?

Now you can.

Find out more about RESUME SUCCESS! Insider Secrets to Building the Resume that Top Companies LOVE


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Exciting NEW Site and Job Search Help!
Should You Include Your Address on Your Resume??
Canada's Surprise 43,000 New Jobs a GOOD Thing??
With Resumes, Creativity is NOT King
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David J. Gardner is an Author, Speaker, Teacher, Recruiter, and sought after Resume Expert. His much-anticipated book, 'RESUME SUCCESS! Insider Secrets to Building the Resume Top Companies LOVE!' has been recognized for almost 5 years as the best content for a fantastic resume.

David is devoutly committed to assisting Canadians and Americans in realizing success finding new employment. In addition to a busy schedule guiding the Resume Success! methods and necessary resume research, he continues to allocate pro bono time to help struggling job-seekers find work.

David's new training event, JobHunter Academy, is up and ready to help you - please visit!

Resume Success Articles
Exciting NEW Site and Job Search Help!
July 16, 2015  Total Comments(0)  |  Add Comments
We're so thrilled!  Head to to see what we've been up to - we've got the BEST help for your start to finish job search all ready to go - more to come, but rc helicopter check it out, Toronto! Replica Patek Philippe Complications Audemars Piguet Tradition Replica
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No Comment Posted
Should You Include Your Address on Your Resume??
July 15, 2011  Total Comments(3)  |  Add Comments
In the past several years I've noticed a surprising upticks in the number of resumes I see that have no address. These people are NOT helping themselves! The reasons Rolex Datejust Replica behind leaving off an address generally fall into two groups. Some feel that an agency or corporate recruiter reading their resume might discriminate against them due to their distance from the employer. Others fear that nefarious criminals will steal their personal contact information for illegal activities. Both are valid, so I'll cover each of them in turn. It's important to understand that recruiters WANT to find you, they WANT to hire people...good people...and as SOON as possible. If you live within a reasonable commute distance from the company, even drones for sale slightly beyond that...if you have an excellent resume, they WILL contact you. Generally, anything at about an hour or less is considered reasonable in most North American cities. If the recruiter doesn't know how long your commute will be, they'll map it, and contact you if it seems possible. By including your address you help them qualify you IN. If they commute is over an hour and a half, i...more
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Comments on this Article
David J. Gardner

July 15, 2011
Catherine, thanks and I will be posting more frequently now that the book has taken off! Xavier, thank you, too. Yes, not only is Resume Success! the book full of hundreds of tactics to help a jobseeker create the ultimate resume, it lays out a step-by-step strategy, bringing all the tactics together!
Xavier Lopez-Millar

July 15, 2011
Good thank you. Is this information like this in your book?
Canada's Surprise 43,000 New Jobs a GOOD Thing??
February 05, 2010  Total Comments(2)  |  Add Comments
The Good News?  It was expected that there would be about 15,000 new jobs added in January 2010...and instead there was 43,000! The Bad News?  The majority of these new jobs are part-time positions, and youth employment... And that means....? Businesses in Canada, still stung and cautious following the recession of 2008-2009, are slowly beginning to hire…or more accurately RE-hire. The current surprising explosion of part-time roles is a boon for those excited to join or rejoin the workforce but it does not accurately reflect the state of full-time professional positions in the country. An increase in hiring is certainly a step in the right direction!!  However, these are not NEW jobs so rc helicopter much as recovering jobs, especially in the youth sector.  CLC Senior Economist Sylvain Schetagne compared these numbers to those of October 2008: ‘Since that month, 341,900 full-time jobs have been lost by working Canadians. Half of these lay-offs occurred for those in the 15 to 24 age group. They lost 170,400 out of the 341,900 full-time jobs lost since October 2008. The unemployment rate among 15 to 24 year-olds went from 12.2%...more
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Comments on this Article
Dana Blackmore

March 16, 2010
Thanks I hope they start to open up for full time regular folks soon too!!!!!! Looking forward to the book David! Dana
Sasha Ranpersaud

March 05, 2010
Hello! I'm not sure if that was David himself who wrote that article, so I'll just ask: this was a month ago. Has anything changed? Has it accelerated or slowed down? 2010 is the year we emerge from the recession and I can finally look for work with hope instead of frustration??? Thx.
With Resumes, Creativity is NOT King
February 03, 2010  Total Comments(2)  |  Add Comments
No Matter What Your Profession Is, Keeping Your Resume Simple and Easy To Read ALWAYS Pays OFF Bright colored backgrounds, cute fonts, animated gifs, there are many ways that you can glitz up your resume in an attempt to catch that recruiter's attention.  Innumerable online resume templates and writing services try different tactics to make your resume just that little bit more visually interesting.  Anything to separate you from the others, right?  Any step ahead in noticeability puts you that much closer to being 'discovered' and drones for sale getting that new job, right?? WRONG. This mistaken belief relies upon a devastatingly incorrect premise. That glam, or at the very least a varied format, will make you stand out in the eyes of a recruiter. It will...but not in the way you hope.  Replica Patek Philippe Grand Complication Omega Planet Ocean GMT Replica Replica IWC Replica IWC Cousteau Divers You see, recruiters are VERY good at reading resumes, at seeing what's really there and what's being glossed over.  They know all the tricks, and none of them work.  Yes, your yellow backgro...more
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Comments on this Article
Paula MacMillan

April 09, 2010
This is excellent advice! As someone who recently reviewed resume's as our office was expanding and we had two new positions available, I found I was really 'turned off' when people used colored paper or too many different types of fonts. It was confusing and annoying! I suggest applying David's rules - they will definitely increase your chances of getting called for an interview. Good luck!
Sarah Meyers-Goldman

February 03, 2010
Thank god! FINALLY someone gets it!!!! Yes, I'm a recruiter at a marketing agency and I cannot believe how many people think that a flashy resume will 'work' on me! Simple and clear, that's what I want! Argh!!!!!